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IN THIS ECONOMY... is an interactive clearinghouse for information on the current U.S. economic crisis. It offers headline economic information, tips for living on less and enjoying it more, avoiding foreclosure, downsizing, dealing with stress, and finding the best bargains. There are discussion forums on today's hot economic topics, polls, news clips, and more.



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IN THIS ECONOMY... HOT TOPICS section is a convenient place to stay informed of developments in the fast-changing arena of U.S. economics. Read behind the headlines, directly from press dispatches released by the White House, major government agencies, and other key players in U.S. economics. There are transcripts from congressional testimony, speeches given by economic leaders in both the public and private sectors, and other economic news-makers.


Safeguarding your child's online privacySafeguarding your child's online privacy

Your kids’ personal information and privacy are valuable — to you, to them, and to marketers. Fortunately, there are ways you can safeguard that privacy when your kids are online.


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Learn how to spot and avoid the most common telemarketing scams, including government grant scams, telemarketing identity theft, travel scams, work-at-home schemes, and bogus sweepstakes and lotteries.


Stretch your dollars with coupons and bargain shoppingCheck out these sites to stretch your dollars with coupons and bargain shopping

Who isn't looking for a bargain these days? Don't waste the money you might save on a good deal, running from store to store to find the best price. Instead, use these links to find coupons, comparison shop, and become a smarter consumer.


Protect Yourself From Mortgage FraudProtect yourself from mortgage fraud

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